privately owned in a sentence

"privately owned" in Chinese  
  1. The figures cannot be confirmed because National Artists Management is privately owned.
  2. Luka Karadzic said in an interview with a privately owned radio station.
  3. This burning has become an annual event on much privately owned grassland.
  4. Privately owned Sibir is one of the leading aviation companies in Russia.
  5. About 10 other dealers operate in the market from privately owned buildings.
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  7. A few privately owned estates even have small forests and lakes.
  8. The Snack Shack was privately owned and just off government property.
  9. Newspapers in the conservative kingdom are privately owned but officially guided.
  10. The privately owned Riverton Golf Course is enjoyed by area golfers.
  11. There is a privately owned airstrip at Beckett Farm in Tularosa.
  12. Toys " R " Us is now a privately owned entity.
  13. Latuconsina said in an interview with privately owned television station SCTV.
  14. Most of the property bordering Lake Marble Falls is privately owned.
  15. However these facilities are usually privately owned parking lots and garages.
  16. All of these were superior to the privately owned McIntyre Field.
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