privately operated in a sentence

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  1. Privately operated spectator boats also are expected to provide viewing space.
  2. The privately operated state owned railroad began operations in July 2006.
  3. A privately operated marina had fish and ski boats for rent.
  4. A privately operated shuttle service is provided through North Conway village.
  5. Privately operated parking is available along Station Drive near Washington Road.
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  7. The facility is privately operated by the Corrections Corporation of America.
  8. The facility is currently Pennsylvania's only privately operated prison.
  9. Twenty-four others have been privately operated for years.
  10. Four of the island's prisons are privately operated.
  11. Sri Lanka has five TV stations, three privately operated.
  12. The privately operated boarding school enrolled teenagers with behavioral issues.
  13. Clinics can be privately operated or publicly managed and funded.
  14. Barasat also have several privately operated nursing homes and hospital.
  15. They are privately operated, not being part of the National Trust.
  16. A privately operated station called Radio 100FM Soft launched in its place.
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