privately financed in a sentence

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  1. With the Maecenas distinction the AsKI honors privately financed promotion of culture.
  2. But Rosen Motors is privately financed and not seeking any government help.
  3. Clinton's plan would provide privately financed insurance to all Americans by 1998.
  4. It is developing the first privately financed major power plant in India.
  5. The ballpark's privately financed effort required a $ 170 million bank loan.
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  7. Most large-scale seawater desalination plants are being privately financed as BOT projects.
  8. In 1983 the School began a privately financed Executive MBA program.
  9. In the end the restoration of the frescoes was privately financed.
  10. Two years later, Park oversaw construction of a privately financed building.
  11. Moreover, certain privately financed research is not bound by the rules.
  12. Headed by Jack Kemp, this largely Republican commission was privately financed.
  13. A group actually formed to build a privately financed football stadium.
  14. Privately financed institutions and commercial galleries have that constitutionally protected advantage.
  15. A coal carrier fleet was privately financed in 1930 by General Zhang Xueliang.
  16. The SNAE, therefore, went ahead as an independent, privately financed venture.
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