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  1. After this, Leonardo added a primer coat of lead white.
  2. Ms . Pizarro said the trick was to apply a primer coat of lotion.
  3. You might need to strip the wallpaper off or cover it with a primer coat.
  4. Most manufacturers leave the interior wood unfinished; exterior wood might come with a primer coat.
  5. It is used chiefly in the priming coat and as a base for some red paints.
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  7. Then it will be sandblasted and painted with a primer coat and an industrial-quality finish coat.
  8. The Chinese sought this mammal's fur due to its great commercial value and its'prime coat'all year long.
  9. Apply a prime coat of latex enamel undercoater, finish with two coats of a semigloss latex enamel.
  10. Apply a prime coat of a stain-killing sealer first, then apply two coats of the paint you prefer.
  11. That gray is a prime coat.
  12. The priming coat is a thin coat of white lead, red lead and driers mixed with linseed oil and turpentine.
  13. A prime coat is a low viscosity asphalt that is applied to the base course prior to laying the HMA surface course.
  14. Areas previously painted with oil-based paint can be repainted with latex paint, but a primer coat must be applied first, Kauflin said.
  15. Inside the second church they joined congregants from both churches in putting up dry wall and primer coat around the altar area.
  16. Additionally, paint with low white lead levels was applied as a thin primer coat to some pre-fabricated domestic wooden windows until the early 1980s.
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