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  1. Trying to eat them past their prime can be decidedly unpleasant.
  2. Generali's acquisition of Prime can only reinforce its strength in asset management ."
  3. Priming can occur following perceptual, semantic, or conceptual stimulus repetition.
  4. Puzzles of size NxN, where N is prime can only be tiled with irregular N-ominoes.
  5. Wieferich primes can be defined by other equivalent congruences.
  6. It's difficult to find priming can in a sentence.
  7. Prime can also fly at Mach-level of velocity.
  8. Thus any finite set of primes can be extended to a larger finite set of primes.
  9. Few athletes in their prime can say goodbye.
  10. Prime can also be used to indicate which position a molecule has attached to, such as 52-monophosphate.
  11. The duplex is denatured again and the first primer can now bind to the latest DNA strand.
  12. The effects of priming can be very word-stem completion test long after the words have been consciously forgotten.
  13. The number of generalized Fermat primes can be roughly expected to halve as n is increased by 1.
  14. He said he's optimistic that further exploration work, which Prime can help fund, can make the deposit more significant.
  15. Bituminous, zinc chromate, or a red lead primer can be effective in separating copper from iron and other ferrous metals.
  16. Optimus Prime can merge with Leobreaker to form Savage Claw Mode, and with Wing Saber to become Sonic Wing Mode.
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