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  1. The romantic, primaeval forest's loneliness and longing for closeness ."
  2. Or alternatively, according to some opinions, ancient Turkic runes descend from primaeval Turkic graphic logograms.
  3. According to this myth, they were born from a lily flower that arose from the primaeval ocean.
  4. Between 1888 and 1917, the Russian tsars owned all of primaeval forest, which became the royal hunting reserve.
  5. Then earth will be restored to her primaeval majesty ( " The Last Death ", 1827 ).
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  7. In 1766 Oliver Goldsmith described it being played in " The Vicar of Wakefield ", calling it a " primaeval pastime ".
  8. The sun-god Ra came from the primaeval mound of creation only after he set his daughter Maat in place of Isfet ( chaos ).
  9. The personal name'Bayan'entered primaeval eastern Slavic folklore as a legendary poet-singer Bayan, and gave a name to a'Bayan'brand name of Russian harmonica.
  10. The portrayal of giants as a dying breed is consistent with much of European folklore, where they are frequently described as primaeval creatures who built ruins and created strange landforms long before humans arrived.
  11. One of her most famous ballads is " Belovezhskaya Pushcha ", composed in 1975, which celebrates Bialowieza Primaeval Forest, a last remnant of the European wildwood split now between Poland and Belarus.
  12. I send to you by Hullett some leaves and fruit of a mountain lemon or citron found growing in primaeval jungle at a height of 2200 feet about 2 miles from the Burkit Tangga Pass to Jelebu.
  13. In proximity of 70 kilometers there is a precious complex of BiaBowie | a Primaeval Forest, known as Belaveskaya Pushcha ( 5; 025A : 0O ? CHG0 ) in Belarus and Puszcza BiaBowieska in Poland.
  14. In January 2009, Kneebone spoke to the " Tate Etc . " magazine about William Blake's work " The Primaeval Giants Sunk in the Soil " ( 1824 1827 ), from Illustrations to Dante's " Divine Comedy ", 8th circle of Hell.
  15. Borges may be punning on the sense of " primaeval " here with his repeated use of " Ursprache ", or on the story's own definition of " ur " in one of Tl鰊's languages as " a thing produced by suggestion, an object elicited by hope ".
  16. All organisations that doubted or denied the existence of God were outlawed . this posed a problem for Indonesian Buddhism, which was solved by Jinarakkhita by presenting nibbana as the Theravada " God ", and Adi-Buddha, the primaeval Buddha of the region's previous Mantrayana Buddhism, as the Mahayana " God ".
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