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  1. Thus, high fidelity pressure transducers are required to obtain real time instantaneous ventricular pressures.
  2. Electrical pressure transducers of several types can be read automatically, making data acquisition more convenient.
  3. These systems incorporate flowmeters, pressure transducers and temperature sensors to closely monitor the simulated conditions.
  4. One of the few remaining uses of natural crystals is for pressure transducers in deep wells.
  5. Perhaps dial or electronic pressure transducers replaced them.
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  7. The keyboard has a base embedded with conduits, each of which has a value and pressure transducers.
  8. Most aviation weather stations use two ( required for an AWOS ) or three independent pressure transducers.
  9. The cannula must be connected to a sterile, fluid-filled system, which is connected to an electronic pressure transducer.
  10. Since the S5.142 lack a pressure transducer on its main combustion chamber, the avionics had to be modified.
  11. In 2001 Severn and Steffensen used a pressure transducer to monitor the pressure oscillations in the original R點hardt setup.
  12. ARES has a full complement of instrumentation including accelerometers, pressure transducers, strain gauges, and thermocouples along with calibration facilities.
  13. The accident was found to be the result of an improperly installed pressure transducer that sent a signal to close the prevalves.
  14. Company expertise is focused on the design and development of ultra-miniature pressure transducers and control systems, primarily for applications in the life sciences.
  15. Once the levels in the cylinders are sufficiently low, a pressure transducer switches to the secondary manifold; allowing the primary manifold to be replenished.
  16. This causes a rise in pressure within the sealed vessel that can be detected either with a pressure transducer or with a similar device.
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