pressure fuel in a sentence

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  1. The control unit is fed by a constant-pressure fuel pump.
  2. This accumulator supplies multiple fuel injectors with high-pressure fuel.
  3. A cam driven high pressure fuel pump is at the # 4 end of the head.
  4. A high pressure fuel pump was added.
  5. The high-pressure fuel turbopump in each engine was built without welds, making it more reliable and safer.
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  7. These affect the high pressure fuel pump.
  8. One of the three main engines has a new high-pressure fuel turbopump that is built without any welds.
  9. Ships which receive contaminated fuels can experience problems like filter clogging and sticking of high pressure fuel pumps.
  10. The RAT overvaulted and its power arced to a high pressure fuel line to the # 1 engine.
  11. The low-pressure oxygen and low-pressure fuel turbopumps were mounted 180?apart on the orbiter's aft fuselage thrust structure.
  12. The high-pressure fuel oil gas is burning at a temperature 800 degrees C ( 1, 500 degF ).
  13. The fuel line ruptured between the pressure sensor for the engine and the high-pressure fuel pump causing an open circuit.
  14. The pump attempted to increase the pressure at the engine by going to full speed which resulted in a high pressure fuel-fed fire.
  15. The port authority said Saturday that ships which received the contaminated fuels experienced problems like filter clogging and sticking of high pressure fuel pumps.
  16. It used 12 Keihin carburetors, one for each cylinder, later to be replaced by low pressure fuel injection before entry into the Italian GP.
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