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  1. That has offered men in many communities a way to harass or pressure former spouses.
  2. Britain and international human rights groups have been pressuring former British colonies to eliminate the death penalty.
  3. That has offered men in many Jewish communities a relatively painless way to harass or pressure former spouses.
  4. Earlier this year, Kocharian and his allies pressured former President Levon Ter-Petrosian into resignation, arguing that his policies in peace negotiations on Nagorno-Karabakh were defeatist.
  5. The next day, that picture ran in dozens of newspapers and according to the " San Jose Mercury News ", pressured former governor of California Jerry Brown.
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  7. Local newspapers had published reports over the weekend alleging that several top generals pressured former finance minister Virabongsa Ramangkura into accepting Chavalit's offer to join the coalition.
  8. Clinton directly addressed the most serious allegation made against him in the Whitewater affair _ that he pressured former Arkansas municipal judge David Hale to make an improper federally backed loan to McDougal's wife.
  9. Brewer's attorney, Jim Waide of Tupelo, suggested that the university pressured former athletics director Warner Alford to resign and fire Brewer in an attempt to make the NCAA look more favorably on the school when levying sanctions.

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