pressure force in a sentence

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  1. The pressure forced the two companies to drop the agreement in October.
  2. The approximations involve the neglect of the relatively small radial pressure force.
  3. International pressure forced Macedonia and Greece to the negotiating table last year.
  4. The administration said congressional pressure forced it to issue Lee a visa.
  5. This lasted until 1867, when domestic pressures forced a closing of relations.
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  7. The first equation establishes that curvature forces are balanced by pressure forces.
  8. Outside pressure forced the Kenyans to step up efforts to fight terrorism.
  9. The government invoked illegal distillation, but mounting pressure forced it to backtrack.
  10. By 1975, financial pressures forced Olivia to seek out commercial art work.
  11. Texas'defensive pressure forced 17 turnovers but failed to rattle the Raiders.
  12. This creates a differential pressure forcing the heat and humidity toward the outside.
  13. This pressure forced the Triumvirs to meet with Sextus in early 39 BC.
  14. However, public pressure forced the mayor to renege on this deal.
  15. However, Westerner pressure forced Seonjo to continue the torture of Choe.
  16. It should turn white as your pressure forces blood to recede.
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