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  1. Turbulent wind flows form random pressure fluctuations at the sea surface.
  2. The pressure fluctuations in a turbulent flow may be similarly characterized.
  3. The FAA said it is investigating the cause of the cabin pressure fluctuation.
  4. Any kinds of intraocular surgery should be done by considering the intraocular pressure fluctuation.
  5. When unexpected pressure fluctuations occur it might be needed to halt the whole nuclear power station.
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  7. The material can bear up under pressure fluctuations that occur between day and night in the stratosphere.
  8. Another tidal wave technology harvests energy from surface waves or from pressure fluctuations below the sea surface.
  9. While taking a polygraph test the subject wears a blood pressure device to measure blood pressure fluctuations.
  10. Turbulent pressure fluctuations below the free surface of a liquid can drive fluctuating displacements of the liquid surface.
  11. The disease also brings episodes of fever, racing pulses, impotence, blood pressure fluctuations and unexplained sweating.
  12. These shear layers contain instabilities that lead to highly turbulent vortices that generate the pressure fluctuations responsible for sound.
  13. At a later date, a compressed air vessel was installed in the delivery line to reduce pressure fluctuations.
  14. These pressure fluctuations at greater depth are too small to be interesting from the point of view of wave power.
  15. Small waves with a few centimeters order of wavelengths is generated by the pressure fluctuations . ( The Phillips mechanism)
  16. This feature minimize the pressure fluctuations that are common with inline designs, and eliminates the need for an accumulator.
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