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  1. Remove cooker from heat and let the pressure drop on its own.
  2. This is indicated when the pressure drop increases to a certain point.
  3. Ultra fast pressure drops can be achieved using electrically disintegrated burst membranes.
  4. Wait and see if the pressure drops due to some leak somewhere.
  5. So at the rotor the energy is extracted by a pressure drop.
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  7. This thrust force manifests itself through the pressure drop across the rotor.
  8. The pressure drop across the bed is measured by a similar manometer.
  9. The pressure drop across a clean sand bed is usually very low.
  10. Try the down-to-earth folks at Wal-Mart and feel your blood pressure drop!
  11. If people do go on low-salt diets, does their blood pressure drop?
  12. If you make something uncool, the peer pressure drops off a lot.
  13. Flight controllers notified Foale and Kaleri about the pressure drop on Monday.
  14. On the song " Darkness, " from Pressure Drop's album, " Elusive,"
  15. This prevents contamination should the public drinking water system's pressure drop.
  16. The air pressure drops so low that suffocation is almost instantaneous.
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