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  1. Also, the reference I provided is not from a press pack.
  2. The melamine-impregnated cover sheets would be laid atop that, in forming the press packs.
  3. Even the press pack for reporters was sponsored _ by a usually Tory-supporting tabloid, The Express.
  4. Now that Gingrich is about to become speaker, the press pack has shown little sign of letting up.
  5. On one occasion, he even fired an air pistol at the press pack outside his Buenos Aires mansion.
  6. It's difficult to find press pack in a sentence.
  7. Where is the respect for constitutional protections when the press pack camps on someone's doorstep following unsubstantiated FBI leaks?
  8. Some material for this article adapted from " The Observatory Press pack ( zip file ) ", accessed 3 March 2006
  9. Police helped them evade a press pack at the airport, escorting them through a restricted area without having to clear customs checks.
  10. The new file, uploaded uploaded by User : Clownfart, is from a press pack and may be covered under some other license.
  11. this reads like a press pack, not an encyclopedia entry  Preceding talk ) 18 : 42, 7 May 2013 ( UTC)
  12. The press pack seemed to bewilder some of the tourists and pilgrims who passed by on their way to St . Peter's.
  13. The press pack is howling and, for the first time in his life, Bell hears it from the other side of the fence.
  14. If a band releases a " press pack " on its website, can we use those photos as long as we credit the photographer?
  15. Paul Franke put together press packs for the occasion, which led one magazine to publish a test report without ever actually handling the camera.
  16. With W ., it might be one too many questions from the huge press pack trailing him about ethanol, gun control or his youthful libertinism.
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