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  1. New press operators were hired, and the pressmen's union was devastated.
  2. He found work in a shoe factory as a press operator.
  3. Hill was a hydraulic press operator at the Bell bomber plant, now Lockheed.
  4. Longtime Post press operator James Duncan said, " I guess I could retire.
  5. This forced the press operators to print the " Trib Lifestyle " section separately.
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  7. He now works as a press operator for a company that makes magnetic strips.
  8. Ted was put to work as a press operator, cutting pieces of foam for cushions.
  9. For a herpetologist, as for a drill-press operator or a yakuza gangster, that's an unusually lucky number.
  10. Ed Lutgen, a drill-press operator at Boeing's Auburn, Washington, plant and a nine-year veteran of the company.
  11. The union that represents press operators at the plant voted last week not to join the strike.
  12. Bill Mikesell, a press operator, was impressed.
  13. Color proof serves as a guideline for a printing press operator, and usually stands for a contract proof.
  14. Moreover, virtually the entire staff of the paper from editors to press operators found themselves burned out of their homes.
  15. LIPBA consequently included a wide range of skilled workers among its ranks, including artists, engravers, transferrers, and skilled press operators.
  16. These methods often use presses that require the press operator to feed paper one sheet at a time by hand.
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