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  1. What is impressive is the speed of the majority's press operation.
  2. Red Carpet Diary now runs one of the largest press operations at TIFF.
  3. But the Western-style press operation offered by Rosinformcenter is something of a novelty here.
  4. We had a big cider press operation at Packer Corners,
  5. And Zenia Mucha, the governor's spokeswoman, ran D'Amato's press operation for nearly a decade.
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  7. Disorganization was not confined to the press operation; the entire White House seemed chaotic.
  8. These sizes have evolved from the printing press operation end.
  9. When World War II began, the press operations began to ration and consolidate operations.
  10. His campaign press secretary, Edward Skyler, is expected to lead the press operations, officials said.
  11. The company eliminated 25 jobs in its Dryden Press operations, which publish business school textbooks.
  12. Press operations were reduced to a junior staffer standing on a corner with a cell phone.
  13. Working for Howell part time is Pamela Jonah, also a veteran of the Weld-Cellucci-Swift press operation.
  14. It will house press operations for the games.
  15. Leonardo Alcivar, director of press operations, said.
  16. Hensley also ended up running the national surrogate press operation, working with Governors, Senators and Cabinet officials.
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