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  1. Each year three new editors select books sent in during the presses open reading period.
  2. Once the conversation is over, Harvey agrees to keep the presses open, much to the delight of Alexis.
  3. Often, when a new academic book with debatable thesis is published, the press opens its pages for the debate to take place.
  4. This variable-size web printing press opens up new applications for high-quality commercial work and mail shots, as well as for producing flexible packaging and labels.
  5. Scientists have long tried to create mechanical clot-busters : lasers to cut channels through the blockage; balloons to press open clots like cardiologists use in the heart; suction devices.
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  7. In the " clamshell " design, the upper heat element in the press opens like a clamshell, while in the " swing-away " design, the heat platen swings away from the lower platen.
  8. After graduation in 1957 he participated in regular meetings of poets with Jack Spicer and Robert Duncan in San Francisco, and published several small books of poetry with the San Francisco Renaissance presses Open Space and White Rabbit Press.

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