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  1. Iran still plans to press on with upgrading its relations with Britain.
  2. Now, as prime minister, he says Hungary will press on with privatization.
  3. The Club has stated that they will press on with their plans.
  4. For all these reasons, it seems wiser to press on with Dayton.
  5. After Savimbi was killed, dos Santos vowed to press on with the offensive.
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  7. HP's management responded with a terse vow to press on with the transaction.
  8. Still, Kulina ignores the controversy and presses on with his plans.
  9. The steady increase in traffic encouraged the trustees to press on with improvements.
  10. Most militant groups, though, have vowed to press on with violence.
  11. Lawmakers told him to stay and press on with the investigation.
  12. Narv醗z decided to press on with the journey and colonization plans.
  13. The United Nations would then decide whether to press on with the investigation.
  14. But the only thing to do, she said, is to press on with life.
  15. Indonesia was defiant, vowing to press on with the plan.
  16. Front vows to press on with new objectives, HONGKONG STANDARD
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