press oil in a sentence

"press oil" in Chinese  
  1. These bodies of water powered mills to crush corn and press oil from beans.
  2. Springs are plentiful in the area, the ponds supplied fish, and a water mill on the stream was used to grind grain and press oil.
  3. The tribes attacked each other with machetes and guns, believing their rivals were trying to gain control of oil land so they could press oil multinationals for demands.
  4. The oil mill was used to crush and press oil-bearing seeds to extract vegetable oils, and the fullingmill kneaded wool for hours or days in order to make it thicker.
  5. President Clinton's special envoy to the Caspian region, Richard Morningstar, is scheduled to arrive in Istanbul on Monday for a round of meetings at which he will press oil executives to look more favorably on the Baku-Ceyhan route.
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