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  1. Contact : White House Press Office, 202-456-2100
  2. The Disney press office has rightly poured scorn on these complaints.
  3. Her press office said she is " verontents ."
  4. Cheney's press office did not return calls seeking comment.
  5. Calls to the White House press office seeking comment went unanswured.
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  7. The White House press office did not return calls seeking comment.
  8. Press office announcements that he has passed physicals are not enough.
  9. Major's press office had no details of that proposal.
  10. Walesa wrote in a statement released by the presidential press office.
  11. -Joaquin Navarro, Spain, head of Vatican press office.
  12. -Joan Lewis, United States, representative Vatican press office.
  13. Hezbollah's press office in Beirut had no immediate comment.
  14. Olivetti's press office said it had no immediate comment.
  15. Laghi said in a statement issued by the Vatican press office.
  16. But the Orthodox Church press office in Bucharest declined to comment.
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