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  1. Several of his top aides and his press officer recently left.
  2. The same sentiments were uttered by a press officer for Chemical.
  3. Another State Department press officer said Adams wants the restriction removed.
  4. Farhatullah Babar, her press officer, told The Associated Press.
  5. Davao City press officer Roger Balansa said in a telephone interview.
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  7. Welsh team press officer Malcolm Stanners confirmed Jackson's withdrawal.
  8. Christie's had no comment, a press officer said.
  9. He is a former Scottish Press Officer of Help the Aged.
  10. She then worked as a press officer for Oxfam in Oxford.
  11. He then became a press officer for OSC Potsdam athletic club.
  12. Powers, who was press officer to the first astronauts.
  13. Pavel Gabriel, press officer for civil protection, said by telephone.
  14. Press officer Nelson Borges acknowledged that the player had vomited.
  15. A Foreign Ministry press officer declined to provide specifics of the discussions.
  16. Helsingborg press officer Gunnar Brink sought to downplay the matter.
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