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  1. The key is getting the press off on a good start,
  2. We saw on tape that we could break down their press off the dribble.
  3. Turning the press off like a faucet may have backfired on the Imperial Household Agency.
  4. A Mandela spokesman admitted an elaborate scheme was set up to throw the press off track.
  5. Gannett opened a new printing press off Western Avenue in the West End to print both papers.
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  7. A few showers, however, could affect the eastern Carolinas as a cold front presses off the Atlantic coast.
  8. We don't have to ask Michael to do interviews . ( He should ) blow the press off.
  9. From my perspective, I want to keep the press off the highways as much as possible, " he said.
  10. From 1977 to 2013, the " Enquirer " was printed from a press off Western Avenue in the West End.
  11. Security guards from Sandy Lane tried in vain to persuade a nearby resident to throw the press off her son's property.
  12. He kept the press off my back and just brought me along slowly and that's what I needed at the time.
  13. Immediate reaction to the decision was muted due to a newspaper strike that kept the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Cleveland Press off the newsstands until April.
  14. He managed to get the press off his tracks and spent his time in the house of racehorse trainer Jeremy Maxwell taking various calls from the criminals.
  15. In a master stroke that easily threw the press off the scent, Cheney said that a transcript available at www . halliburton . com would satisfy all remaining questions.
  16. After seasons of slow business, Blass says retail stores have " finally caught on " that the more dramatic clothing promoted by the press off the designer runways does not sell.
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