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  1. The press of business which at first prevented personal quarrels also produced tired nerves.
  2. I'm self-employed and set my own hours, so I don't expect to plead the press of business.
  3. A spokesman said the secretary decided that the " press of business in Washington " precluded a trip to Greece.
  4. Maury's charts, Shaw writes, were the first to apply meteorologic and oceanographic knowledge " to the day-to-day press of business ."
  5. Hall explained . ) Stevens declined, pleading press of business, and let slip that " he hadn't read Eliot very much " anyway.
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  7. "We consider that our opposition to his visit contributed to his'press of business,'" said Antonis Kolovos, a teacher, as he marched through central Athens.
  8. Now, corporations and their lobbyists are hoping that Congress, despite its election-year press of business, will be able to find another way to renew the credits.
  9. Rumsfeld was invited to give the commencement address at West Point next week, but Quigley said the " press of business " would keep him in Washington.
  10. I'm not exactly sure why Bill Weld turned aside UMass president William Bulger's generous offer of Final Four tickets; " press of business " is the official explanation.
  11. But in the press of business at the close of the 103rd Congress, the bill never came to the floor, and the consensus evaporated after the Republicans took control of Congress.
  12. Deutsch withdrew from the review on Sept . 19, citing the press of business for present clients; the remaining three finalists made presentations to Mazda executives and dealers two weeks ago.
  13. Police had been expected to release a list of those sites Wednesday, but Gainer said it would be Thursday at the earliest, ascribing the delay to " the press of business ."
  14. In Washington, State Department spokesman Kurtis Cooper said the protests played no role in the decision and that the visit was called off because of " the press of business " in Washington.
  15. One only wishes they had spoken more extensively of their frustrations, especially after they hint at life becoming more difficult for them when the press of business removed Walt Disney from the animation process.
  16. Press of business precludes me from attending the opening bash for " Public Faces : Private Lives, " the Boston Public Library exhibit chronicling 350 years of gay and lesbian contributions to city life.
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