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  1. By those with sufficient patience to press numbers 1 through 117 in search of a human voice.
  2. To write messages, people press numbers on their phone keypads one to four times to make a letter.
  3. A vinyl copy of this record was also released with limited press numbers through the band's former label, CI Records.
  4. The Lions didn't exactly have stop-the-presses numbers ( 17 first downs, 299 yards of total offense ).
  5. But it then deteriorated into a series of instructions to press numbers for a perplexing list of variables, and started to sound like an especially Francophobic Monty Python sketch.
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  7. I am about to press number 6 when I feel a profound heaviness on my chest, as if some unseen force were squeezing the air out of my lungs . ..
  8. For that reason, consumers are more likely to see speech recognition systems replace those annoying phone trees that prompt you to press numbers to weave your way to a customer service representative.
  9. Though I suspect some Wikipedians may deem all New Zealand non noteable, over 100, 000 people visited the collections biannual Easter Airshow, not all of them Kiwis and not a press number, but measured accurately, by ticket sales . ( c . f.
  10. Callers can press numbers on their touch-tone phones to find their way through a maze of information and discover what shows are playing, listen to stars describe the plots, hear about special offers and discounts, play a Broadway trivia quiz and, if they wish, be connected to a ticket-sales agent.
  11. While NetMorf aims to simplify the transacation as much as possible, using a wireless phone to buy a book from BN . com or rivals such as Amazon . com can be a chore, requiring people to press numbers repeatedly on the phone keypad to spell the name of a book they want to buy and enter a shipping address.
  12. "I'm just recalling this off the top of my head, but if you look at the bench-press numbers in the mid'80s compared to what they are now, the amount of reps has decreased a great deal, " said Blank, who said he has not had any steroid issues among clients.

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