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  1. Associated Press news assistant Marie Thiel in Paris contributed to this report.
  2. :* Section VId : This section evaluated radio broadcasts and press news.
  3. Gretzky said Friday in an interview with the Canadian Press news service.
  4. She was the second woman hired by the Canadian Press news agency.
  5. Some Associated Press news services were affected but were restored by morning.
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  7. Moore said in a press news conference at the O'Hare Hilton hotel.
  8. Mint Press News will continue to provide further information and updates ."
  9. He was a former officer of the Associated Press news-gathering organization.
  10. This is an Associated Press news story, which is a reliable WP source.
  11. Keiver told The Canadian Press news agency from Kampala on Wednesday.
  12. Land was quoted by the Baptist Press news service as saying.
  13. Nebraska captured the vote of The Associated Press news media poll.
  14. Mustafa, known as " Commander Remi, " told the rebels'Kosova Press news service.
  15. 1917 _ The Canadian Press news agency, owned by Canadian newspapers, was formed.
  16. Eds : Paul Shin is Associated Press news editor in Seoul.
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