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  1. That's why the reconquest of the daily press must pass through magazines ."
  2. He said the Press must spur critical thinking and be the people's conscience.
  3. He reiterated that " the right to free press must be guaranteed ."
  4. The press must take some responsibility for the way America fights war nowadays.
  5. A book published by a university press must be non-fiction.
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  7. The press must stop flagellating itself and get to the bottom of this story fast.
  8. The press must lie sometimes to expose the truth.
  9. Wherever the truth leads, the press must follow.
  10. "The press must speak out, and, if the occasion arises, raise bloody hell, " he said then.
  11. Members of the press must also sign before attending a separate viewing scheduled for 2 p . m.
  12. "As far as I'm concerned, freedom of the press must everywhere in the world be organized by the law,"
  13. That doesn't necessarily mean that the press must always indulge its freedom at the expense of other constitutional protections.
  14. But Milan Smid, a news media critic at the daily newspaper Hospodarske Noviny, says the press must share some blame.
  15. He said the press must be blamed for any paralysis in Tahiti's economy, which depends on state subsidies and tourism.
  16. If things get out of control, if Baghdad is laid siege and there's massive unrest, the press must be careful.
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