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  1. Precision press molds , pressed products and titanium accessories
  2. Precision press molds , pressed products
  3. The intelligent designing system of punch - pressing mold is an intelligent software
  4. Its purpose is to realize the automatic and intelligent design of the punch - pressing mold of the stretching components of the type of turning around bodies
  5. The punch - pressing technologic analysis and calculation of the stretching components are the important steps of the punch - pressing mold ’ s design . they are very difficult steps
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  7. Many producing methods are developed as the craft improved , including isostatic cool pressing , dry pressing and hot pressing molding , to meet customers ' different requirements to technique
  8. In this investigation carbon black - filled electrical conductive composites of poly ( ethylene terephthalate ) / polyethylene were first prepared through the single - screw melt - blended extrusion , then drawing , followed by the quenching and subsequent press molding . the relationships among the influencing factors including composition , hot stretching ratio and compatibilizer , morphology and properties of composites were systematically investigated . positive temperature coefficients effect and crystallization behaviors of composites were preliminarily analyzed

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