press cuttings in a sentence

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  1. The room contains several photographs and press cuttings of the wreck.
  2. Kennedy had been working for a press cuttings agency.
  3. Inspired by press cuttings about the 1980.
  4. Over the years, the Society has accumulated a substantial press cuttings relating to Wells.
  5. Its contents include books, periodicals, maps, press cuttings, letters and drawings.
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  7. Press cutting can't be used to make features in the sides of vacuum formings.
  8. The collection consists of miscellaneous literary papers, with periodicals, press cuttings and personal correspondence.
  9. It also includes other media such as garden guidebooks, trade catalogues, postcards and press cuttings.
  10. I wanted to insert a photo of the artist from a 1928 press cutting, into the infobox.
  11. I shall endeavour to upload some photographs and press cuttings if I can figure out how to do so.
  12. Press cutting : This is a very precise method of cutting which uses a press and a custom precision made cutting tool.
  13. It can also cut sidewalls of a different depth than the pockets-which cannot be done with roller or press cutting.
  14. Sirs, I am compiling a dossier on the present American presidential campaign, press cuttings, magazine articles and the like.
  15. The case rested on little more than press cuttings including exaggerated claims which Evans and Colsett had themselves uttered to the journalists.
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