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  1. A presentation of Heartlove Productions in association with Lovett Productions Inc.
  2. A presentation of WYES in New Orleans and Easting Down Productions.
  3. For an authentic presentation, serve this soup in a hotpot.
  4. Multimedia presentations look better with 32, 000 colors or more.
  5. There are whole museums dedicated to the presentation of outrageous fictions.
  6. It's difficult to find presentation in a sentence.
  7. Not only is the food changing; so is the presentation.
  8. He spends a lot of time giving presentations and inspecting stockyards.
  9. But photography invites detailed observation, specific analysis, comprehensive presentation.
  10. The free presentations begin Saturday and continue through Dec . 11.
  11. Poetry is especially well suited to this interactive style of presentation.
  12. Colorup adjusts its palette for the medium a presentation will use.
  13. More disconcerting than the set's incompleteness is its presentation.
  14. Fashion presentations today tend to be produced on a giant scale.
  15. The presentation of this year's Oscars has officially begun.
  16. Darden said during his hourlong presentation, which focused on motive.
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