presentation at the temple in a sentence

  1. His formal " Presentation at the Temple " has the sunlit Carraci-like style.
  2. The middle zone is dominated by narrative scenes representing the great Christological feasts ( birth, presentation at the Temple, etc . ).
  3. The convent also had a Presentation at the temple by Marone, and the oratory a " St Phillip Neri " by Pietro Deorazio.
  4. According to over eight centuries of tradition, the swaddling clothes that baby Jesus wore during the presentation at the Temple are kept in Dubrovnik Cathedral, Croatia.
  5. He painted another Annunciation for the church of San Giovanni Fuoricivitas, and a " Presentation at the Temple " for the church of the Servites.
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  7. In the Chapel of the Presentation at the Temple on the right is a polychrome stone altar ( 1670 ) with an altarpiece ( 1701 ) by G . Zullo.
  8. The frame is also a work of art, characterized by three cusps with Presentation at the Temple ( the latter a copy, the original being in the Louvre in Paris ).
  9. In Yugoslavia, Patriarch Pavle, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, held an Easter Sunday liturgy in Belgrade's Monastery of the Holy Mother's Presentation at the Temple.
  10. There are four panels by Bergognone, including an " Annunciation " and a " Presentation at the Temple ", reproducing the church's interior of the time.
  11. In the second frame, the scenes depict the Virgin Mary's birth, the Virgin Mary's education, the Virgin Mary's presentation at the temple and the death of sainte Anne.
  12. The " Saint Margaret chapel " was painted in 1507 with two evangelical scenes ( " Presentation at the Temple " and the " Debate with the Doctors " ) and grotesque.
  13. Depictions as a baby with the Virgin Mary, known as " Madonna and Child ", are circumcision, presentation at the temple, the adoration of the Magi, and the flight into Egypt, are common.
  14. Among the works in the interiors, the second chapel has an altarpiece depicting the " Madonna of the Scapular " by Giacinto Brandi, another 18th century altarpiece with a " Presentation at the Temple " by an unknown artists.
  15. The dating of the work is uncertain, though it is usually considered to be subsequent to the " Presentation at the Temple " by Andrea Mantegna ( Berlin, c . 1455 ), from which Bellini took a very similar placement of the figures.
  16. Here, between 1196 and 1214, he made the lunettes of the three portals : on the outside portraying the Adoration of the Magi, the Last Judgement and an allegory of life, on the inside the Flight into Egypt, the Presentation at the Temple and David playing the harp.
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