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  1. They hope to secure enough Iraqi territory to permit a presentably nationwide vote.
  2. Fabrizio begs his father and his brother Giuseppe to help him dress more presentably for Clara.
  3. At day's end, we'd return salty and exhausted, and shower and dine presentably with the family.
  4. "I don't mean you have to wear a tuxedo, but I do think they ought to dress very presentably,"
  5. Such sartorial requirements began in 1986 when the O'Farrell's then-general manager, Vince Stanich, noticed that all of his male staff members were dressed differently ( and often not altogether presentably ).
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  7. For that matter, Zander showed in a 1992 release of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, reissued two years ago in England by Carlton Classics, that even the Boston Philharmonic _ consisting in roughly equal parts of professional, student and amateur players _ could presentably negotiate a blistering pace.
  8. I would advise against creating a totally empty outline consisting only of section headings for the various chapters, but opinions might differ on that . ( On Wikipedia, there is ongoing struggle between editors who want every article to be presentably encyclopedic at all stages in its development, and other editors who favor building content-less outlines to guide other editors to fill in the content.

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