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"presentable" meaning  "presentable" in Chinese  
  1. As for the style sense, the women are more presentable.
  2. I didn't think I had any particular presentable persona.
  3. One or two days and I still feel presentable for work.
  4. Wear clothes and makeup that make you feel comfortable and presentable.
  5. Chuan, as a leader, is presentable in Western countries.
  6. It's difficult to find presentable in a sentence.
  7. Ward holds that it is not presented or presentable save indirectly.
  8. The girls are to look neat and presentable at all times.
  9. Her duty was to make Kitty presentable for the wedding ceremony.
  10. Friday's developments do not quite constitute a presentable Bosnia policy.
  11. They have to wear a tie, they have to look presentable.
  12. Brown recalls, where presentable clothes were a sign of successful escape.
  13. These items should be cleaned and made " presentable ."
  14. Shortly afterward, his brother comes along looking halfway presentable.
  15. When you walk through an airport, you are presentable.
  16. You will have something presentable in two or three years.
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