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"premium" meaning  "premium" in Chinese  
  1. We gave out 16 million premiums and thought that was wild.
  2. Daybeds do best in cities where space is at a premium.
  3. Mandela places a premium on personal contact in affairs of state.
  4. Usually considered a " premium-priced contractor,"
  5. Other times, they use the money to reduce overall premiums.
  6. It's difficult to find premium in a sentence.
  7. Taxpayers pay up to 72 percent of lawmakers'health premiums.
  8. Premium cigar samples range from Avo to Zino No . 18.
  9. The casinos have gobbled up choice waterfront sites at premium prices.
  10. Yet they survive, and even receive a premium price abroad.
  11. This winter's slew of cancellations means premiums will soar.
  12. "It's definitely a premium product,"
  13. You pay us no monthly premium, does everybody understand that?
  14. USSB, by contrast, is banking on premium movie channels.
  15. I understand that a pass rusher is the premium this year.
  16. We can enable local companies to achieve the premiums they deserve,
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