premising in a sentence

"premising" in Chinese  
  1. If the premise isn't unique, the ethnicity is.
  2. The premise sounds like the plot of a new TV series.
  3. On Thursday night, she simply rejected Garn's premise:
  4. For a generation, no one could argue with that premise.
  5. That is the premise of what is known as narrative theology.
  6. It's difficult to find premising in a sentence.
  7. Our whole society is premised on the honesty of public officials.
  8. Given that premise, baseball has to keep its devoted core.
  9. According to Duff's premise, Jesse Garon Presley survived.
  10. That was Vecchione's premise for jumping into the ring.
  11. However, given its premise, it is extremely well done.
  12. It's a thin premise punctuated by even thinner execution.
  13. Other images were chosen to prove the show's premise.
  14. That's the premise on which these rules were developed.
  15. Not that the film's premise is all that bad.
  16. "I accept your premise, " he said.
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