premisess in a sentence

"premisess" in Chinese  
  1. They were then escorted one by one onto the execution premises.
  2. Goering's body was also brought onto the execution premises.
  3. Mrs . Shaffer took me on a tour of the premises.
  4. The premises of Reston's journalism are gone ."
  5. But Hindy has no plans for a pub on the premises.
  6. It's difficult to find premisess in a sentence.
  7. The owner, Nancy Chambers, breeds birds on the premises.
  8. Currently the credit only applies to tips received on the premises.
  9. There is a cross-country ski center on the premises.
  10. Meals were served on the premises; social interchange was fluid.
  11. Keeping the prom on school premises reduces costs while enhancing safety.
  12. Fewer than 1 in 10 thefts occurred on manufacturers'premises.
  13. In the search for suitable premises, Village Bank got lucky.
  14. Clinton wasn't the only big name on the premises.
  15. Baked on the premises, it costs $ 2.75.
  16. The emotional swing was almost unbearable for everyone on the premises.
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