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  1. From feudal days, power alliances meant far more than ideas.
  2. Life off the power grid doesn't mean total independence.
  3. The coup leaders will not be allowed to stay in power.
  4. At least 3, 000 people were without power in Macon.
  5. "Warning track power, " joked Strawberry afterward.
  6. It's difficult to find power in a sentence.
  7. Voices with power say the NCAA structure has a cracked foundation.
  8. But other changes are putting women in the pipeline to power.
  9. It was to be a demonstration of American power and resolve.
  10. Remember, Mazda has a tradition of using unusual power plants.
  11. It is bat speed that determines the power of a hit.
  12. Call it an act of faith or the powers of suggestion.
  13. Our power base isn't in this city ."
  14. This shift in power is driven by a combination of factors.
  15. Power Poker from Electronic Arts is a poker program for Windows.
  16. These racquets generate power, but they are not finesse racquets,
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