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  1. The result is dehydrated mucus and a widened, negative transepithelial potential difference.
  2. An electric potential difference ( voltage ) exist between the two grids.
  3. Ion transport produces a potential difference ( voltage difference ) across the epithelium.
  4. It's a matter of " potential difference " and relative resistance.
  5. Potential difference is a pedantic term for what normal people call a voltage.
  6. It's difficult to find potential difference in a sentence.
  7. The amplifiers or repeaters derive their power from the potential difference across them.
  8. A similar potential difference could be there if you were touching another person.
  9. Various choices of substances for each half-cell give different potential differences.
  10. Such potential differences actually do occur from differences in acidity on biological membranes.
  11. This potential difference is called built-in potential V _ { \ rm bi }.
  12. The heat transfer is found by using the appropriate potential difference and electrical circuits.
  13. The relationship between capacitance, charge and potential difference is linear.
  14. Nowadays, this is often known as a contact potential difference.
  15. Potential differences among lawmakers on Medicare overhaul also are surfacing within the Republican Party.
  16. I am slightly confused what is the difference between electromotive force and potential difference.
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