possibility in a sentence

"possibility" meaning  "possibility" in Chinese  
  1. Wegerle, however, said he thought the possibility was unlikely.
  2. We see neither the possibility nor the necessity to do something,
  3. And 11 percent would allow convicts the possibility of earning parole.
  4. There is no longer the possibility of recognizing a human face.
  5. A potential strike also puts trade possibilities in a different light.
  6. It's difficult to find possibility in a sentence.
  7. At this time I see no real possibility of a resolution.
  8. There is a possibility that he won't ever return.
  9. I know the possibilities of all the changes that might happen.
  10. Selig said in response to a question about the Series possibility.
  11. We considered the possibility of attempting to work out a trade.
  12. The concept of " possibilities " has narrowed considerably.
  13. But high technology is rapidly ending the possibility of real solitude.
  14. The possibility of violence isn't really there ."
  15. Now 30, he is asked about the possibility of retirement.
  16. With endless possibilities, it should be easy to pick one.
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