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  1. Now he's gone back to being a positional coach.
  2. The Devils didn't play good positional hockey at times.
  3. There was no discussion about positional play, contracts or money.
  4. Thus in some case greater positional order will be entropically favorable.
  5. This positional information is relative to each player's directions.
  6. It's difficult to find positional in a sentence.
  7. His positional play was of course something out of the box.
  8. Gray codes can be used as similar rotary positional encoding mechanisms.
  9. The geographic coordinates representing locations often vary greatly in positional accuracy.
  10. It remained in positional warfare along the Yser until April 1915.
  11. The observation techniques are topics of positional astronomy and of astrogeodesy.
  12. Burden's Positional Coach was former Wellington Lions Chris Boyd.
  13. It is fixed by the positional relationship between the two coils.
  14. We use a positional number system with ten as the base.
  15. Similarly, whitespace can cause problems when dealing with positional arguments.
  16. Most of those deaths are some kind of overdose of positional asphyxia,
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