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  1. The pilot saw GPS-based position updates provided via digital radio data links.
  2. The Tactical Tomahawk will be able to have a new target position updated to it in flight,
  3. Mobility was boosted by the development of an inter-ministerial database with the resumes of all first level executives and a list of available positions updated in real time.
  4. The velocity components are not explicitly taken into account in the fitness calculation but are used in the flies'positions updating and are subject to similar genetic operators ( mutation, crossover ).
  5. The interrogation may be short with P6 = 16.125 祍, mainly used to obtain a position update, or long, P6 = 30.25 祍, if an additional 56 data bits are included.
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  7. In short-handed races like the overnight Solo / Twin, in which competitors are required to check in with position updates at regular intervals and the wearing of harnesses is mandatory, safety is paramount.
  8. When it runs, I get dozens of mouse position updates, processing though a dozen lines of stripped-down JavaScript code in a tiny fraction of a second with no problems-then NOTHING for an entire half second.
  9. Finally, over 120 km is where the need for a long-range weapon, external targeting platforms and data-linked updates come into play as only with course and target position updating can any long-range missile have a chance of engaging a moving target at these ranges.
  10. The result was the JDAM : a $ 20, 000 kit that, when attached to the tail of a free-fall bomb, typically a 2, 000-pounder, can maneuver it to a target by adjusting its fins to correct its course, using constant position updates from orbiting satellites.
  11. AN / APQ-92 is part of DIANE ( Digital Integrated Attack / Navigation Devices ), which consists of multiple radars : the Norden AN / APQ-92 search and navigation radar, the separate AN / APQ-88 for tracking / attacking, AN / APN-141 radar altimeter, & AN / APN-122 navigational radar to provide position updates to the AN / ASN-31 inertial navigation system.

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