position tree in a sentence

  1. Crawford decided to hold his position trees and make a surprise attack on the Indians after nightfall.
  2. In computer science, a "'suffix tree "'( also called "'PAT tree "'or, in an earlier form, "'position tree "') is a compressed trie containing all the suffixes of the given text as their keys and positions in the text as their values.
  3. Other game theoretical taxonomy elements include the facts that Go is bounded ( because every game must end with a victor ( or a tie ) within a finite number of moves ); the strategy is associative ( every strategy is a function of board position ); format is non-cooperative ( not a team sport ); positions are extensible ( can be represented by board position trees ); game is zero-sum ( player choices do not increase resources available colloquially, rewards in the game are fixed and if one player wins, the other loses ) and the utility function is restricted ( in the sense of win / lose; however, ratings, monetary rewards, national and personal pride and other factors can extend utility functions, but generally not to the extent of removing the win / lose restriction ).
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