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  1. Deviations of shaft centre distances and shaft position tolerances of casings for cylindrical gears
  2. Therefore , it is very important before cylinder liners ex - factory inspection that key dimensions and form - position tolerance can be measured quickly and precisely
  3. The process - established module is characterized that what you see on the computer screen will be what you want when you work out the process , that the process can turn to the next line automatically , that the style of dimension tolerance , the shape and position tolerance accords with the state standard and that simple figures can be drawn by means of ole
  4. The author ' s work gives new way , which is beneficial to real time interaction and can efficiently reduce computing time as well as data storage amount . these algorithms can find good use in numerical machining , robotics , form - position tolerance and computer graphics . ( 3 ) degree reduction for nurbs curves and surfaces by applying the theory of the best uniform approximation of chebyshev polynomials and the explicit matrix representation of nurbs curves , this thesis centers on the research of the explicit nearly best approximation of multi - degree reduction of nurbs curves
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