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  1. The region was sparsely populated, so there was little damage.
  2. But DE on a Tuesday afternoon is quiet and sparsely populated.
  3. The television locale is populated by airheads constantly playing power games.
  4. The East Coast is heavily populated with African-American communities.
  5. That strategy will change as TCI tackles the more populated markets.
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  7. The religious right will populate the convention grounds in record numbers.
  8. We simply cannot have carnivores roaming around densely populated areas anymore.
  9. There are reports of heavy fighting and firing in populated areas.
  10. A densely populated city, it in no way resembles Purchase.
  11. Some demand elimination of road construction works in sparsely populated localities.
  12. These and dozens of other oddballs populate Berendt's manuscript.
  13. Some sparsely populated rural areas, however, registered significant gains.
  14. But the more thinly populated, wilder north caught our fancy.
  15. Along with Hispanics, it is increasingly populated by Vietnamese immigrants.
  16. But Montenegro is mostly populated by people who share Serbian traditions.
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