populated areas in a sentence

"populated areas" in Chinese  
  1. He told Kuwait TV the missile was destroyed away from populated areas.
  2. They usually went down over heavily populated areas in the British capital.
  3. A magnitude 6 quake can inflict widespread damage in a populated area.
  4. A magnitude 6 earthquake can inflict widespread damage in a populated area.
  5. Army officials have balked at moving such dangerous chemicals through populated areas.
  6. It's difficult to find populated areas in a sentence.
  7. An earthquake of magnitude 5 can cause considerable damage in populated areas.
  8. She said sites are hard to find in a densely populated area.
  9. The quake hit a thinly populated area of Xigaze county late Tuesday.
  10. An earthquake of magnitude 6 can cause widespread damage in populated areas.
  11. But there were no reports of ash falling on any populated areas.
  12. It would have happened over populated areas with little time to spare.
  13. Q : Why do tornadoes never seem to hit heavily populated areas?
  14. A quake of magnitude 5 can cause moderate damage in populated areas.
  15. Fires of this type often strike in densely populated areas of Jakarta.
  16. Magnitude 6 earthquakes can cause severe damage if they strike populated areas.
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