populated area in a sentence

"populated area" meaning  "populated area" in Chinese  
  1. Army officials have balked at moving such dangerous chemicals through populated areas.
  2. A magnitude 6 earthquake can inflict widespread damage in a populated area.
  3. They usually went down over heavily populated areas in the British capital.
  4. A magnitude 6 quake can inflict widespread damage in a populated area.
  5. He told Kuwait TV the missile was destroyed away from populated areas.
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  7. It would have happened over populated areas with little time to spare.
  8. But there were no reports of ash falling on any populated areas.
  9. The quake hit a thinly populated area of Xigaze county late Tuesday.
  10. An earthquake of magnitude 6 can cause widespread damage in populated areas.
  11. An earthquake of magnitude 5 can cause considerable damage in populated areas.
  12. She said sites are hard to find in a densely populated area.
  13. Such sites are understandably located as far as possible from populated areas.
  14. In this heavily populated area villagers are too poor even to flee.
  15. A magnitude 5 quake can cause damage when centered under populated areas.
  16. Magnitude 6 earthquakes can cause severe damage if they strike populated areas.
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