populars in a sentence

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  1. Coleman had seen an ad for the show in Popular Mechanics.
  2. Consumers of Cheerios and other popular General Mills products scarcely noticed.
  3. The companies are drawn by the popular demand for wireless services.
  4. Among the most popular options for obtaining foreign money are these:
  5. The most popular slammers bear the word poison or a skull.
  6. It's difficult to find populars in a sentence.
  7. It's always been a popular tune in our set.
  8. Sweetwater was a popular concert draw known for its live performances.
  9. It seems like Christians'viewpoints aren't as popular.
  10. And very popular ( and necessary ) they are, too.
  11. Cuba is a small island and my show was very popular.
  12. Denver is the eighth most popular destination for travelers from here.
  13. Leading troops in a popular war has always produced instant heroes.
  14. ESPN wasn't popular enough to be a NATIONAL laughingstock.
  15. Does Fonda know how popular her exercise videos are in Egypt?
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