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  1. Can we give up something so popularly unpopular as negative campaigning?
  2. Meeting that quota would have required a more popularly priced car.
  3. Training videos for the workplace are popularly used and widely marketed.
  4. Actually, March produces less natural snow than is popularly believed.
  5. Plans call for gradually increasing the number of popularly elected seats.
  6. It's difficult to find popularly in a sentence.
  7. Yeltsin became Russia's first popularly elected president in 1991.
  8. His fortune is popularly believed to be about dlrs 130 million.
  9. But popularly elected non-executive presidents are still relatively rare.
  10. Known popularly as Gus Dur, is revered by his followers.
  11. Khamenei, an unelected leader, outranks the popularly elected Khatami.
  12. Such representations are popularly known as Egyptian Fractions or Unit Fractions.
  13. By contrast, republic presidents have been popularly elected since 1992.
  14. Cymophane is popularly known as " cat's eye ".
  15. This is the essence of what is popularly called Hegelian Dialectics.
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