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  1. Plans call for gradually increasing the number of popularly elected seats.
  2. Yeltsin became Russia's first popularly elected president in 1991.
  3. But popularly elected non-executive presidents are still relatively rare.
  4. Khamenei, an unelected leader, outranks the popularly elected Khatami.
  5. By contrast, republic presidents have been popularly elected since 1992.
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  7. Public opinion polls show that most Australians prefer a popularly elected president.
  8. A popularly elected president should not be removed from office without cause.
  9. Just 19 months ago, a Jew was popularly elected vice president.
  10. The president is popularly elected and appoints the prime minister and Cabinet.
  11. Now, however, the governors must be popularly elected.
  12. Popularly elected non-executive presidents are still quite rare.
  13. Pastrana went on to become Bogota's first popularly elected mayor.
  14. In the future, we will have a popularly elected chief executive.
  15. We want a popularly elected government, not a populist,
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