popularizing in a sentence

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  1. Carrey was a swaggering pet detective who popularized the Talking Buttocks.
  2. Discovery Zone popularized the concept of mammoth indoor playgrounds for children.
  3. How did the term get popularized in its metaphorically broadened form?
  4. They did nothing to develop it and little to popularize it.
  5. But expedition members hope the souvenir bottles will popularize cleanup efforts.
  6. It's difficult to find popularizing in a sentence.
  7. Those flats, popularized by her, have become ubiquitous again.
  8. Finn popularized the sport via a line of ski-boards.
  9. But some insist it was San Francisco that popularized the aperitif.
  10. It's not just supermarkets that have popularized premade sushi.
  11. But experts on drug treatment attacked McKenna for popularizing dangerous substances.
  12. The running game popularized in the 1980s has been reeled in.
  13. The movie that popularized the term " wannabe ."
  14. It's America that popularized extra-virgin olive oil.
  15. You first build up a critical mass, popularized by society.
  16. Popularized in the Eisenhower era of drive-ins and carhops.
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