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  1. Alice Waters opens Chez Panisse in Berkeley and popularizes California Cuisine.
  2. 1872 : Emperor Mutsuhito re-popularizes beef in the Japanese diet.
  3. He investigates and popularizes the past of Minsk and Vilnius.
  4. The repression only popularizes the Islamicist rebels in the eyes of most people.
  5. The radio program popularizes historic American culture for the 21st century American listener.
  6. It's difficult to find popularizes in a sentence.
  7. I don't think it popularizes stupidity.
  8. He popularizes gourmet pizza and by 1990 is grossing $ 6 million a year.
  9. At this time Calling All Cowboys popularizes many aspects of the old American West.
  10. Of course,  Laimas Muzykanti popularizes the traditions of Latgalian music as well.
  11. Dansk Designs almost singlehandedly popularizes stoneware worldwide with its hard, matte finish and understated form.
  12. The writer was doing a story on how the singer popularizes almost everything she wears, he said.
  13. He popularizes music appreciation class with discerning bop-along use of " Louie, Louie ."
  14. The CD-ROM popularizes environment reports from 16 eastern European countries and advises on how produce such reports.
  15. The Boston Marathon, bless its soul, does not give American bonuses and popularizes Kenyan winners like Cosmas Ndeti.
  16. Top story in this magazine that popularizes the latest from the sciences focuses on the extreme implications of quantum theory.
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