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  1. In 1860, some credit him with the idea of the Pony Express.
  2. Seneca was a station on the Pony Express of the early 1860s.
  3. From 1860 1861, the Pony Express operated a station at the site.
  4. Springsteen and Pony Express Records had filed competing claims for copyright control.
  5. I am out to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Pony Express.
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  7. In the early 1860s, it was a stop along the Pony Express.
  8. Russell, Majors and Waddell launched the privately owned and operated Pony Express.
  9. It marks the eastern terminus of the Pony Express National Historic Trail.
  10. Patee House served as the Pony Express headquarters from 1860 to 1861.
  11. Getting news from Europe fostered a Pony Express service across Nova Scotia.
  12. Pony Express riders may even greet the Olympic train and trot along.
  13. "The world is not going back to the Pony Express, " he said.
  14. How is it that couriers haven't gone the way of the Pony Express?
  15. Yet the mail, alas, remains a revenue-loser and barely beyond the Pony Express.
  16. The Pony Express used this station as a stopover in 1861-62.
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